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To the Foundry

Once I decided that Autumn was complete, Doug and I took her to Mc3 Fine Arts Foundry in Hawthorn, CA and that was an amazing experience!  The owner gave us a tour of the facility and I was overwhelmed with joy and so thrilled that I nearly danced through the plant.  

There were small, life size, and monumental sculptures; all by major fine artists whose work had shaped my aesthetic values – Artis Lang’s emerging man was there, Robert Graham’s plaques, Tina Allen’s monumental sculptures of Alex Haley and Martin Luther King, and Richmond Barthé’s busts had been entrusted to Mc3 by Somella Lewis.  I was surrounded by the embryos and newborns of the masters.  My Autumn was joining the elite nursery of the grand masters and I was tingling with the importance of the moment.  

Mc3 made a mold from my clay piece  by encasing it in a flexible rubber-like material and covering that in a plaster jacket.  Once hardened this was separated from the clay and the hollow mold was left (at the right is a mold for a monumental left hand).

Wax was poured into this mold and passages were added into the wax to transport the molten metal through the wax.  At this point I returned to the foundry to inspect the wax model and make any necessary refinements.  




The wax form was filled with molten bronze and then coated in a porcelain shell, and it was heated in a kiln until the wax ran out. The shell covered bronze sculpture remains. 

After removing the ceramic shell and polishing Autumn, I was again asked to return to the foundry to choose a patina and the marble base.

Autumn will be produced in a limited edition of 10, with one artist proof.  If you are interested in a purchase, feel free to contact me at drpatgay@mac.com.

In upcoming posts I will show you images of work in progress.

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