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The Sister Twists Bed

Designing my bed frame with Desiron was so much fun.  Desiron is the shop that designed the lighting sconces and dining room chandelier in my home.  

Being an artist I began to think about designing my own furniture, and I’m lucky that my husband loves my work and supports my projects.  Spiral pine cones on all four posters were special  because they symbolized fertility and virility.  What better for a new bed!  Isn’t that a beautiful design element? 

The petal pattern in actual pine cones are in a very tight spiral and I loosened it up and opened the weave. 

The openness, the open heart of the pattern, it holds my dreams. 

This is the headboard and footboard pattern.  Do you notice that the twists are replicas of the twists in which we wear our hair?  The twists are feminine and the locks form sweet heart shapes over my head and at my feet. 


Perfect symbols for my bed.

If you are wondering about the wall color, the bed is now in my son’s room and he wanted his walls painted deep eggplant.  It doesn’t provide the most contrast for the bed frame, but the wall is dramatic and the dark purple is obvious in the afternoon sunlight.

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