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Backyards and Alleys

Last weekend I exhibited my dream masks at two outdoor shows. One was held in the backyard of a home and the other in Highland Park in an alley.

“Succulent Summer” was hosted by Inspiration Saucy Lyrics and held at a home. The backyard was transformed by art displays, dance, and live music. The day also included line dancing by guests and patrons.  I exhibited my dream masks and they were used by the writers during their poetry readings.  the other artists were fun and it was nice  to make new creativity connections.

“The Alley Gallery” is held in an alley next to a coffee and pastry shop on York Blvd. This began as an event with a few artists and musicians and grew to taking up the whole alley. A further expansion of the show includes a Northeast Los Angeles art walk where artists display at restaurants, jewelry stores, etc.

It’s a lot of work to set up outdoors for a one-day event but I so enjoy seeing friends, encouraging young artists and writers, and making new friends. It’s also fun to share how I make my art.

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