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Faithful Lovers



It is an awkward surprise to see Kermit and Gill, old lovers, in my home and waiting for me. Please tell me they haven’t been comparing notes! Trying to impress and distract them, I announce that I have written a book, but I am embarrassed because I cannot remember its title. They are not the least bit interested in what I am saying anyway, they are immersed in their collaborative agenda.

We take a walk to the river and they teach me how to transport by stretching my arms out in front, wrist bent with palms facing forward. In a slow big circular motion I am creating a portal in front of me that is as tall as I am. Faint iridescent colors begin to show around the edge of the portal. It is completely amazing that Kermit and Gill know how to accomplish this and I am feeling out of my league and thrilled to have them as my dear friends.

“What now?” They close the opening and introduce me to a sophisticated woman with scarification who will be my mentor for what is to come next. I feel pampered knowing that Kermit and Gill still love me and will provide for me from the other world.