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Ferocious Beauty II

About twenty children are playing marbles in the park and two women very quietly walk over. They are wearing taffeta ball gowns, one lime green and red, and the other burgundy and pink. Aristocrats. Their shoes are sparkling gems that match their chokers. They walk slowly around the circle of kids and each woman holds a leash with a wild animal at the end. The lime green and red queen is walking a big hairy warthog, and at the end of the leash held by the burgundy and pink queen is a horned springbok.

Although the animals are on leashes they are equal partners with the women, but actually the animals are leading the women and the leashes are so the women are certain to follow. The women and their animal partners speak telepathically about protecting the children, and refer to them as “The Council of Possibilities.” This is necessary because the future of beauty and intuition depends on them. The children never seem to notice what is happening around them. The royal women, primitive warthog, and elegant antelope sing elaborate protection songs for these children, who are born to know the various futures that are possible, and who can see the paths that will shape destiny.