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The Buddha’s Hair

This is a Hollywood celebrity party and the Buddha is here. I watch to see if he is authentic, or will he succumb to being a star and give himself away as an imposter. When I disclose that I am curious why he is here, he says that he is looking for someone to twist his hair.

Sitting on the floor between my knees and draped in his purple robes, the Buddha leans back as I twist his hair. He so enjoys this special attention that he levitates with pleasure. As he slowly rises higher and higher, I am eventually forced to stand on the tips of my toes, and reach so high that my arms and feet are hurting.

Noticing that I am struggling, he descends, tells me that I am unaccustomed to this new type of stretching, and says it is always painful to twist oneself into new shapes and he invites get in shape by joining him “behind the purple robes of splendor.” Already aware of unfriendly stares from the celebrities, I am unsure if I want to go to the next level with the Buddha and risk exile.

I can see the shallowness of the crowd but shouldn’t I want to be a part of celebrity? But at the same time, I am really interested in the Buddha’s proposition and the possibilities for spiritual growth.