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Another Successful Art Exhibit

On June 14th my essential truth went up on the walls at Avenue 50 Studio. The curator, Jose Lozano, entitled the show, “BELIEVE! – Art About The Curious Nature of Faith.”  That was perfect.














The show was an absolute success for several reasons.  When I create my work comes from the deepest and most vital part of myself and the challenge is to cradle that truth of who I am and bring it forward for my audience to experience.  






Another reason for the show’s success was that the viewer experiences my work as reaching into  that deep, funky, moist place with bass notes and smells of earth, that protects their own visions of extraordinary potential for humanity. 







Most important was that you were there, supporting me, catching the vision and holding it – allowing me to continue forward.  Thank you for having my back.











For this show I went to my soul, to my heart and joy, to the place of transcendence and revelation.  i brought forward what was inside of my own soul and waiting to be acknowledged and courted. Following my instincts and intuition, and honoring my place in the cosmic creative principle my instincts, my soul was my compass because in the creative process I knew myself to contain all of my ancestors and their love, dreams, and visions, and all that is generative.  






And I am sending a loving thank you to Karyl-Lyn Sanderson for these wonderful portraits. 






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