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Bill, in progress


Bill requires more work refining his features and his personality  – More work will be done specifically on his ears and neckline.  When he’s finished I will post additional photos.

This photo is interesting because in this particular light and shadow it appears that he is thinking deeply, something is on his mind.  Even his eyes are cast in shadow and are very thoughtful. 




In this next image of Bill his smile is prominent and his whatever he is observing humors him. 

From this angle you can see that I have not given his ear much attention.  I usually allow the personality to display itself first and then I work on refining details like the ears.



I so enjoy the craft of creating hair – it gives me room to indulge my love affair with texture.  And it feels as if no matter what creative license I take with hair it always works beautifully. 

Bill’s hair and neckline were a lot of fun and are unique to him.  I think in his lifetime Bill may have been one of those men who kept a standing appointment in the barbershop.







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