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Azure Seaweed

Lovely, peaceful, Zuma Beach is packed with a summer crowd. Doug has started a campfire in the sand and is roasting hot dogs on coat hangers while I gather seaweed. When I return, he has an elaborate and delicious candle-lit meal waiting, I am showing off the blanket I’ve made from the seaweed. My love is completely delighted by the surprise seaweed tool belt that suits him perfectly.

Everyone on the beach begins to panic and run at the sight of a tidal wave speeding toward the beach. The only item the wave takes is our car and we are feeling helplessly stranded. Since we have no way to return home we decide that now is the time to begin anew and build our dream house on the cliff that is overlooking this beach with its sublime coastal view. Doug fastens his tool belt, and for the foundation we collect beach rock and trudge up and down the hill, sweating and hot, with full buckets and a wheelbarrow.