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Everything Must Change



While standing at a bus stop under the soft light of a street lamp, a car pulls up to the curb with a mother driving her young son and daughter. Under the glow, the son sings in his sweet youthful voice. I appreciate his confidence and poise although his charming voice is so soft and undeveloped that I cannot recognize his song,

A taxi is also parked at the curb, and a man steps out and listens to the boy. The boy trails off and the man begins acapella “Everything Must Change” and I realize that this is the very song the boy was singing. This man’s voice is absolutely divine. I don’t need to turn in his direction, I only need to be still, present, and completely absorbed into every sweet, clear, and perfect celestial quality. This man is singing to the boy, and acknowledging him, He is demonstrating what the child’s voice will become and is also singing into the world on the boy’s behalf.

Having witnessed this, little sister is not to be outdone. She jumps out of the car with her little electric guitar, stands in the middle of the street, and with grand enthusiasm and drama, performs her amplified and contemporary upbeat version of the song. She’s wowing out doing her rock star thing.