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Charles Dickson Studio Visit

Today I took assemblage artists Charles Dickson up on his offer for a studio visit.  Charles has been an idol of mine for nearly 40 years and I remain thrilled to this day by his work.  Charles Dickson is the Artist in Residence at the Watts Towers and has been awarded many public commissions throughout Southern California. 

He continues to sculpt in his Compton studio  incorporates a potpourri of objects and media into his prolific creation of art.  A master wood-carver, Charles’s work is ancestrally driven. I included a couple of friends who are also artists for this afternoon of wonder.  The generosity of his spirit filled us with high inspiration and deep respect. 

Sculptures of all types – wood carvings, metal kinetic installations, assemblages masterpieces filled his warehouse.  Charles’ work is so specific and specialized that he has invented tools and processes to support the execution of his pieces.  Some pieces were fanciful and filled with humor and laughter, others were regal and elegant.

As guardian over the studio was the work that worshiped the majesty of the feminine.  The female form is a catalyst in his work.  Charles says that he   always had an understanding of women and found that African American women were the most overlooked, so he focused my attention there because that was his environment.

It was a true blessing to be in the presence of his creative icon and the majesty of his creations.

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