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Blue Black Magnolia

The lemony scent of Magnolias in South Park, and the sight of their big creamy white blossoms, lure me and I climb to collect a few of the seductive charms to take home.

I find other kids, teach them how to climb, and am broken hearted when I accidentally step on a magnolia blossom and crush the petals. Watching the petals turn blue-black and die, I am so hurt by my mistake that I ache and cry deeply. This is not the lesson I want to teach.

An old man named Carlos teaches us that by having sincere remorse and grieving our ignorance, we can repair any damage we do, to anything. In devotion and grief, we sit all day in a circle, our tears falling onto the crushed petals, and they gradually respond and become florescent with new life. Looking around us I can see that all of the age-dried petals that had fallen to the ground and were trampled over time by kids playing on swings and games of softball and are also vibrant with renewed life.