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Blue Eye Nebula

While traveling, I am with the most interesting people – silk merchants, mathematicians and astronomers, painters and musicians, dancers and beauty queens, inventors and actors. I enjoy them, and they enjoy themselves!

But now I must let them know that the time has come for me to leave and continue alone on my particular journey. I find my way to a vibrant city that feels like San Francisco. Standing on a busy corner, much like a beacon, is a woman who people regularly consult to insure that they are headed in the right direction – kind of like a journey concierge.

I stop and whisper my impressive destination into her ear and she affirms that I am headed in the right direction. I pretend to be unimpressed with myself, so she does also.

She tells me that she is a university professor in the orbit of the Blue Eye Nebula. Her university investigates the universe, or multiverse as she calls it, and professors are pilots traveling through it. Since I am meeting her while on my path, I wonder what role this cosmic encounter will play.