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It is evening and Ada’s husband joins his curly eared woman. Green bean, black-eyed pea, and squash blossom vines drape him in luscious textures and sensual shapes. He embraces his cougar wife by wrapping his supple ears around her like a tender blanket, and she leans easily into his beautiful muscular body. As they sway back and forth in a loving embrace the vines sway with them, reflecting their passion.

His name is George and I laugh because he is far too fabulous for such an ordinary name. He tells me that his vines are the ancestors of the plants that Vaughn will cultivate.

George is also Vaughn’s ally, and although his wife’s prayers are for the insects, George’s prayers are specifically on behalf of the plants. The love between the couple and their love for the garden surprises me and I want them to continue to live here.