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Liquidambar Secrets

It is sunrise as I climb the ladder to stand on my roof, and I see neighborhood liquidambar trees waving their leaves at one another. It is an amazing sight to see all of these leaves fluttering, dancing, waving, and wiggling. The liquidambar movement is communication! I am witnessing something very important and I try really hard but I don’t understand what the trees are saying to one another. I have climbed up and am peeking into a precious world of poetics.

Can I explain what is happening to people who are walking down the street? The first set of people ignore me and think I am strange, so I attempt to explain to another group of people who also walk by. I get the same reaction over and over. I look far out in the distance and every liquidambar tree across the world is a part of a global conversation, and they want to keep it private. What do I do with this information?