Pulsing Rhythms



Practicing shape-shifting, I find I can change color, shape, pattern, brightness, texture, and size. My guide teaches me how to blend into the sand, coral, and shell and perfectly blend into my environment.

Now the guide leads me into pitch dark water and down here all animals are pure pulsing rhythms and patterns of light. My guide says, “No matter how powerful your imagination, you can never imagine something that doesn’t already exist in the etheric world. Now shift to become the very thing you want most.”

Using my imagination, my body shifts and blends in again, and I am pulsing to my own rhythms of light. As I explore, I find others like myself, and we vow that no matter where we are, we will always locate one another and live in community, thus insuring that we will never forget the magnificent significance and power of being shape-shifters.

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