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Snake Medicine


Standing waist deep in water, the river is so big that I cannot see the banks, but I can clearly see a robust, huge and powerful snow-white African python swimming in the distance with focus and a clear destination in mind. This snake may be 20 feet long.

To move out of its path, I shift to my left in the river, and then to my right, but it is still moving in my direction. So the snake must be moving toward me intentionally! There is no avoiding this encounter so I will steady myself and hope for the best.

Once the snake reaches me, it wraps itself around my legs as it circles. I can feel its gentle power wrapping around my body and I realize that it wants a connection. It feels as though I am being stroked, or maybe this is the equivalent of a snake embrace. Now that the complete length of its body has moved along my legs, it continues past me and on down the river. I look back and notice that it has rattles on its tail. An African and North American assemblage, like me.