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Zaca Pow Wow



In front of the main lodge, there is an early morning pow wow at Zaca Lake to celebrate the Spring equinox. The Santa Ynez Mountains in the distance are freshly green and fragrant from the rains, and the sparkling lake is soothing and inviting. Swimming under the dock, and going unnoticed, there are three brown bears.

About twenty of us are inspired and performing a counterclockwise dance – the Temptation Walk from the 1960’s.

A huge jet-black condor is flying overhead in its own circle dance and dips its wings back and forth in perfect rhythm with the drums. It says its name is “Ya-a, o.”

I arrive at my office in city hall and announce that I will be back at work once spring has passed. I need to gather my things from my office, but where is my office? I’ve been enjoying spring so much and at the pow-wow for so long that I’ve forgotten where my office is located.