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Linocut Update

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Being a broke artist can really interfere with the flow (any poorer and I’ll resort to “post-modern performance art”). The sculpting that I love more than anything else is on hold because of the cost of casting.

Artists are interesting.  When we run out of money, which is every other week, we find ways of creating from any and everything in the vicinity.  Since spring happens in SoCal late January, I’ve been dragging my supplies outside midmorning and working until I get a chill late afternoon.  

My garage is full of partial cans of house paint, about 15 cans ranging from yellow to charcoal, mellow colors and others are quite vibrant.  Not just shades of white or earth tones.  With these I’ve been creating a line of oil cloth-like works on canvas and they are gorgeous.  I began this project at the beginning of the year and sold out of every piece by the beginning of this month.  So affirming!  Thank you everyone for your support.

This has given me the opportunity to explore more affordable materials and dive back into linocut.  A few posts ago I discussed linocuts and now I’ve can report back to you.  This is DIFFICULT and is a process that is much the same way I experience meditation.  It requires that I focus and when it drifts even slightly that can be a mess requiring improvised carving to camouflage.  And that is the joy of it all – as I work all of the crazies get sequestered.  When the crazies manage to stage a tippy-toe escape, the are instantly noticed and sent back to their room.  

The best fun is using large russet potatoes to carve and playing recklessly with kids .  We carve, ink, and print them on cheap newsprint.  So much fun.  But then it’s time to get down to adult business.  











Getting these crisp lines is harder than it looks!  Crazy difficult.  But acquiring the skill, whether that crisp edge is needed or not, is important. 


Whatchu think?




I will certainly have a strong collection for a showing.  Be patient.

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