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Linocuts Are Coming Soon

This is one of  Ruth Waddy’s popular linocuts.  Ruth is considered a significant California artist although her body of work is relatively small.  Because of her creative  vision and impressive talent she was celebrated by the visual artist community.   Rudy became one of my idols when she told me that she didn’t become an artist until her 50’s.  She was a printmaker, specifically a linocut artist.

Linocut is a printmaking technique, a variant of a woodcut.  With a sharp knife, chisel or gouge, I create a relief surface by cutting my design into a sheet of linoleum.  The linoleum sheet is inked with a brayer, and then pressed onto paper or fabric. When printed the uncarved areas have received the ink (let’s say black ink) and they display as black on the paper or fabric, and the areas that have been carved away leave the material unprinted and the material shows through.

So many of you have asked when I will be showing new work.  My budget is really tight and has severely limited my ability to create new work and complete old work.  For an artist this is a difficult state in which to live.  When at Avenue 50 Studio for the NELA Art Walk on Saturday evening, I spotted a nice little black print by Howard Marshall, an instructor at Barnsdall Junior Art Center.  Howard’s print energized memories of Ruth Waddy and my love of linocuts. 

This week I will begin drawing designs and experimenting with ideas.  Stay tuned. 

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