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Mosaic, Day 4 Filmed

Today is cement day.  Margaret took the lead on making the mud, a mixture of Portland cement, an acrylic hardener, and water.  She attached a beater to a drill a mixed it.

Just as we began applying the mud layer, the production company came by to film the process.  Margaret was hilarious because they had in mind sitting her down and interviewing, until she took control and let them know that neither cement or a tight deadline would  understand a delay.

After it was mixed and a creamy consistency we covered the skull in the mud with a camera filming Margaret being interview and the application process.

What I most value about Margaret is her energy, willingness to experiment, take risks, collaborate on the monumental task we have undertaken.

Please visit me and my newest project on November 1st and 2nd at Rancho Las Flores Park in the City of Coachella.


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