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Mosaic Mafia

11990681_10153648950158829_6584898615370148842_nHi Everyone,

I’ve been following the work of a group of artists who are called the Mosaic Mafia and who have created an organization named Piece By Piece.  I first heard of them, and in particular Leigh Adams, from the great artist Margaret Garcia when we were working on her giant calavera last year.  In addition to a mosaic master, Leigh is also an environmentalist with creative and sustainable projects across the county.  Through Leigh’s work I began to follow Luz Mack, Beatrice Jones, and the mosaic celebrity Jolino Bessera.




These are close-up images of a magnificent project that is in the courtyard of a South Central Los Angeles housing complex.  When completed the wall of mosaic flowers that have been mailed to Piece By Piece from all over the world will wrap around a garden with planters full of vegetables and blossoms.


Working with Piece By Piece is a different creative experience because as artists we are working collectively on community projects rather than our typical solo work lives.









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