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Mosaic with the Master Artist Margaret Garcia

If you don’t know of Margaret Garcia then you must google her and images of her work.  She is a master artist, pioneer of the Latino Arts Movement, collected by Cheech Marin and exhibited from LACMA to Paris.  Margaret has been an idol of mine for about 30 years.  Her bold passion and skill at delivering emotion and the personality of her subjects is magnetic and her acclaim is deserved. 

One afternoon she offered to assist me with a small request and in return I made lemon bars for her and her husband.  That was a very simple beginning that led us playing and planning for collaboration on significant projects.  I stepped into a gold mine.

Margaret has a couple of big projects to complete and she offered to include and train me.  The first project is for the Coachella Day of the Dead, Nov. 1-2, 2014.  They are shipping her a 4 ft. tall styrofoam skull and we will design a create a mosaic over it. The second project is for the LA Arboretum.  Again a mosaic project.   

And with all of this we will also work on individual mosaic concepts.  

What an opportunity.  And I am simultaneously intimidated to have this icon as my teacher and mentor, and I am proud that my work allows her to be confident in me.

There is a lot of work in my lap – preparing to move and redesign my future, the busts continue but are temporarily stalled for lack of money to cast them, and now these large mosaic contracts with Margaret.  She is a hard worker and I will be running fast to keep up.  

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