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Nathaniel Bustion’s Book is Out and I’m In It!

My friend Nathaniel Bustion is an outstanding sculptor and I’m fortunate to have been friends with him since I was 19 years old.  Nathaniel was the person who took me to my first Charles White exhibit at USC and introduced me to the man who’d been my idol since I was 10 years old.

The monumental work of Nathaniel’s comes straight from another dimension of pure creative impulse and not mediated clichés on process.  His work reached in and grabbed my imagination and enthusiasm for decades.

When Nathaniel asked me to write a piece for a book on him and his work I was honored.  Well, it has been published and not only is my essay included, but also is my face.  In my 20’s Nathaniel made a mold of my face and included me in many of his sculptures.  Images of many of these pieces are included in, The Eternal Genetic Presence.

The advice I remember most from Nathaniel was to not overrate those who create from their intellect, who may even be highly trained and skilled, creating from the soul is the only thing that is true. Those words validated me both as a collector and as a creative.  That is what gives his work its immense power and magic.



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