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On Her Way to Coachella

Here are some views of La Llorona. She is now on her way to Cochella to be displayed in all her glory at their Dia De Los Muertos Celebration. The two-day festival taking place on November 1st and 2nd at Rancho Las Flores Park in the City of Coachella. It was an honor to be a part of this creation. 

In a project imagined by producer Rodri Rodriguez and Art Director Juan Rodriguez, several artists were offered a papier mache skull to paint and decorate. Margaret was happy to have the massive object for us to fashion but she didn’t want to paint it. She saw the skull covered in tile. 


Over these past weeks we covered the papier mache skull with successive layers of fiberglass fabric then Portland cement across each curve and contoured by hand. Finally, we brush on layers of cement slurry for a smooth finish of its concrete skin that’s the substrate for the tile.

Margaret has an enormous stash of  talavera tile shards, beads, and ceramic figures. We lay cement mixture across the skull, section by section, sinking shards into place.  


La Llorona is on her way to Cochella for thousands to admire her brazen beauty – and of course she is for sale. 

Margaret, thank you for the invitation to work on this soulful darling.  

Please visit me and my newest project on November 1st and 2nd at Rancho Las Flores Park in the City of Coachella.


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