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Cowrie Shell Offering

Amelia and I are at a party and she is preoccupied with being a superb guest. She demonstrates appreciation to the hosts in a way that I have never seen before. The quality of her gratitude is immaculate.

Amelia brought crystal goblets as gifts for the host, she sang torch songs for the guests, and ended the evening by helping clean. This is a great party and the host thought of everything for her guests, sparing no expense.

I am busy having great fun – enjoying the opulent home, eating, dancing, flirting and laughing, but when I see Amelia being so gracious I begin to feel self-conscious. I look in my purse for a gift to offer and find elegant seashells that Camille gave to me when we were swimming together in the Caribbean ocean cavern. Although these are my favorite possessions and I love them dearly, I give them to the host and thank her for the memorable evening.