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Laying On of Hands

On the beach of a secluded bay, there is a handsome and charismatic man who is healing people by laying hands on them and infusing each person with light, love, and life. He has them face the ocean, stands behind each individual and places his hands on their shoulders.

He leans forward, brings his lips very close to the nape of their neck, takes a deep breath and blows his warm, soft prayer forward. As he does this he produces a strong, resonant, and gloriously deep tone that vibrates healing and love through their entire body. I can feel the power of his life and love force healing those assembled. And I can feel the transformative power of the people opening their hearts and being vulnerable to him.

In the middle of those assembled, we make fabulous love on the beach. It is startling when the waves grab and lift us up. We are rolled under and pulled out to sea. Although dazed and exhausted, battered and disoriented, our embrace remains unbroken when we are rolled back onto the sand.

The crowd offers him money for the healing work he has done. As I put it all in my purse, I tell him that the money belongs to me.