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Songs of Dedication and Service

I decide to go back to sleep and continue to swim in the undersea cavern with my guide. When I return to the dream world, two different women meet me, and both are also clothed in dramatic sea fans. They are twins – Amelia and Cecilia, and they are proud that the ocean is their castle and have promised to be loyal to it forever.

The twins and I debate the difference between being a grand host and being a grand guest. It is decided that they are actually the same because each wants to generously serve and please the other.

Amelia and Cecilia teach me a song of dedication and service, the song of hosts and guests. The song is more like a lyrical pledge. We go to a party and everyone periodically shifts between being a host or a guest. My guides are trying to outdo one another at who can be the most generous, gracious, and appreciative. It is comical and saintly.