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Grand Daddy’s Wings

On a beautiful sunny morning, Aunt Flossie and I are sitting together on the top step of her front porch with her right arm around my young shoulder.  Sitting on the broad porch that stretches the width of the classic California bungalow are about a dozen people for whom she begins to pray.

Aunt Flo’s shining hair is piled high and wild above her heart shaped face, her skin glows, and her lips form the words of each prayer perfectly. Melodic with a faint scent of cardamom is the best way to describe her prayerful voice.

It is not only her voice that is curious, as she prays I am astonished to see her unique essence wave through the air as a combination of calligraphy and hieroglyphics. Even more outrageous, the person she is praying for transforms into a color, love, or music; into a plant, animal or landscape formation.  Now her prayers are their own unique language with words, moans, and humming.  The stunning transformations that her prayers create have populated our yard with outrageous wonder.

As I listen to her, I wonder what great soaring bird granddaddy Malachi became years ago when Aunt Flo prayed for the safe passage of his soul into life after death.  Granddaddy Malachi was truly fabulous – with his famous foxy gold tooth.