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Invitation I

My friends and I are dressed for church and carpooling to the sanctuary. Something strange and extravagant is promised.

When we arrive the church is a small amphitheater, and many other women are also arriving from all directions. Looking to the top level of the amphitheater, there is a procession of beautiful people, all with a glow, circling around the upper rim. Someone says that they are the Ancient Ones. Once they are in place above us, one of them says,

“Your joyous gathering here is a delight to the Divine and to your ancestors. The Other World bathes in the precious light generated by your joy, love, and service.

“We invite you to bring to your worship here your truest, midnight bluest selves. Depend on the Creator and your ancestors and be vulnerable to one another.

“Feed the tender and sweet parts of yourselves with the nourishment of your grandmothers’ eternal prayers. Passionately be a glorious reflection of your ancestor’s vision of love and wholeness.

“We invite you to stand with Us in the moist midnight potential of the humble new moon, dance the transformation dance of your ancestors, and sing the sensuous songs of new beginnings that will delight all witnesses.”