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Red Scarf Meditation

Mariah, the leader of the peculiar tiny forest people, peeks out from behind a tree that is home to her companions – tiny black frogs with big fat toes and vivid turquoise dots on their backs. She greets me and whispers that I will need a red scarf if I want to effectively blend into the forest. I am wondering if the forest looks red to her because it certainly doesn’t to me.

I have respectfully and quietly observed the forest happenings for a long time, completely absorbed and fascinated by all of the activity.  Now, Mariah tells me that it is time for me to leave. But first, she explains that being masters of meditation is the core element of their DNA and meditation is their unique role in the universe. She gives me a seductive glimpse of how to meditate and train my mind to know the deepest truths and to manifest based on these.  This is just a hint of the possibilities, and it is wonderful!  Oh, I want to live with them indefinitely and learn all that Mariah has to teach.

Finally, Mariah instructs me in the red cloth meditation that I will need for future visits.

The tree frogs hop to the ground and form a spotted path that illuminates the secret way in and out of the forest.