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Rings of Smoke

Our group is tasked with identifying and connecting with our life’s purpose.

A man without any outstanding physical attributes slowly recites his poetry.  It is equally erotic and coarse, genuinely imaginative yet disquieting, and his voice simultaneously produces words and music.

The rest of the group continues to focus on the assigned task, but for me his life force, his ability to be fierce and uncompromisingly tender, exposed and completely authentic, is a magnetic and sensuous force. He recites as if his only purpose is to speak his soul’s truth, and thereby seduce both the divine and the devil. It is thrilling to witness and it feels a little dangerous.

Surprisingly, his voice and poetry are somehow familiar and I actually need to hear and feel his words.  This familiarity is comforting.  When done, his body completely transforms into pure emotion, suspended in the room as rings of smoke.