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The Lord’s Prayer



Because I have completely forgotten the wisdom that says I never have any reason to live in fear, evil now has me on the run.

I am running, hiding, and dodging for dear life. When I am finally and absolutely cornered, terrified, and with no way to escape, I begin to pray aloud, The Lord’s Prayer. This halts the grinning incarnation of evil in its steps and I notice that as I pray its destructive potential and arrogance are beginning to fade.

When I reach the verse “Lead me not into temptation . . . ” I forget the words, evil sees this and it regains strength as I panic. Nowhere to escape, I am expecting imminent defeat.

At this terrifying moment I notice that an expansive chorus of my devoted ancestors have gathered and they are many generations deep. At this moment, my most hopeless and helpless, they intervene and sweetly sing the entire prayer on my behalf, completely dispensing with fear and evil.