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Magic Potions and Conjure Roots

I am the baby sitter for a little boy and girl, and I take them to play in the woods near their home. Dancing around trees, picking flowers, and throwing sticks and chasing one another has them giggling and rolling in the fragrant grass.

The little girl’s hair is wrapped in multi-colored ribbons that flow behind her in the breeze. Green hieroglyphs are written on the flower petals and grass leaves, and they drift and swirl up to her ribbons. When they symbols settle I can see that they say, “These are our living prayers.” As the boy touches the ribbons, the glyphs begin to dance and play with his hands and he is able to direct their movement with his fingers.

Both children have tribal scarifications on their backs that resemble ferns. The cuts are not just decorative, but have ancient dju dju potions and conjure roots imbedded under the raised keloid mounds. These are the source of the children’s ability to orchestrate the hieroglyphs.