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Maple Leaf Manifesting



Phoebe and I are taking a walk through Central Park on a beautiful spring day. The park is full of families, joggers, bikers, and boarders – everyone enjoying the sun and warmth. Looking up at a dazzling cluster of colorful dancing kites and enjoying the lightness of it all makes us giggle and do a little circle dance.

Under a towering maple tree there are some little girls playing a hand clapping game and it makes me happy to see that these games continue to bring pleasure and are being passed on.

Looking high up into the tree Phoebe notices three bird’s nests. She climbs up, gently gathers them, places them atop of her head, and comes back down wearing an elaborate, and stunning, maple headpiece.

She hands the nests to me saying that my grandmother intends me to use them for nurturing my own babies.