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Ooo, Baby, Ooo

Granddaddy Malachi is grandmom Lula’s earthly husband. She also has a spirit husband that has accompanied her through many lifetimes, a pure spirit mate. Grandmom Lula Mae is sitting in her overstuffed chair looking out the living room window and is talking aloud to her spirit husband.

From listening to her side of the conversation, she and spirit mate are in negotiations about their relationship. Grandmom is telling him what tangibles he must deliver to her, in this world, before she will agree to have sex with him again. Apparently, he was seducing her in a dream and they were ready to make love when grandmom woke up annoyed and taking a firm stand.

She sweetly reminds him that as her spirit husband he is not limited by a physical body in his ability to support her, and she needs him to take care of her by delivering the high levels of prosperity that no human man can accomplish, not even granddaddy. Until spirit mate delivers on her to-do list, there will be no lovin’.

Softly, she reminds him that he still needs those things that only she, as a physical woman, can provide him in abundance. Grandmom smiles, blows him a kiss, and whispers a promise.