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Stingy Brim Shamans


A Mayan priest is lecturing to a select group of people who have been deemed worthy of the teachings. This is happening in an ornate circular room covered in gold filigree and beautiful ceramic tiles. The men all wear the same hat as their sacred attire – a tan stingy brim rimmed with a grosgrain band that ends in a big floppy bow on the left side.

The one who is chosen as the most appropriate to be the next priest is a little girl. She is sitting on her very fat mother’s lap, shamelessly picking her nose. and she pulls an ornate green book out of her left nostril. No one seems surprised by this, and she begins to read and teach from it.

As the child teaches, the ornate book breaks into hundreds of tiny fragments that become fluttering gold butterflies that fly through the room, land on the walls, and disappear as they blend into the gold filigree.