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SHN101.  $2400.00. My fingers were crossed when this piece went into the kiln.  This bust was created using the coil technique for the neck and shoulders, my face mask, and individually hand carved leaves were attached last.

The coils were the thickness of your finger and unless laid upon one another and connected meticulously they could explode apart in the kiln under the pressure of the heat. If this had happened, not only would she have been destroyed, other pieces in the kiln would have been damaged by exploding debris.

She is glazed in Shino, and when fired it produces several different colors based on how thick the glaze was applied. Shino can range in color from milky white to orange, sometimes with charcoal grey areas, known as “carbon trap” which is the trapping of carbon in the glaze during the firing process. You can see the full range of of Shino coloration on this piece.  I sprayed on the glaze and had no way of knowing if the application was uniform.  The result was a delightful surprise.

When she emerged from the kiln, perfect and beautiful, I was delighted and everyone in the studio, including the kiln master, was impressed.

SHN101 detail.  This is to give you a better view of her leaf hair.

Submit your suggestions for her name. She is a creature of the woods and the heat of the kiln left clear evidence that she has survived, with elegance, a trial by fire.  And it appears the glaze gave her freckles.


                        AUT101.  $5500.00.  Limited edition bronze on a black marble base, entitled Autumn.