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Scylla, uncast


Scylla is my paternal great, great, great grandmother, and isn’t she pretty!  She, too, remains in clay form and has not yet been cast in bronze. 

She has quite an evolution.  Initially, she was male and that just was not going to work out.  When I finally realized that the spirit of this piece was feminine she developed nicely. 

 I wasn’t sure how she wanted her hair styled.  Initially, I thought she was asking for a head wrap and then I realized it was long hair wrapped in a bun. 



This is a close-up of her face very early in the process and you can see how I roughed out her features. 





Can you see that wire protruding from behind her ear? 

That is a runaway wire from the armature that I constructed as a kind of skeleton upon which the clay is added.  Think of the armature as her skeleton and the clay wouldn’t hold its form without that internal structure.

Don’t miss that fabulous lace collar!


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