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Yemeni Jewelry – SOLD OUT

In January I went shopping at the California Gift show.  I have attended annually for over 20 years and it is a semi-annual event where shop owners purchase inventory.  

In the early years young entrepreneurs and inventors from all over the world made this the most exciting event of the year.  Since the economic collapse in 2008 booth space has become too pricey form many.  

But I continue to search for beautiful items to bring to you.  

If you attended my jewelry sale last year I was featuring custom silver globes from Yemen that I have been collecting since the ’90s.  Spectacular hand-crafter silver, many of the pieces were originally components of traditional wedding necklaces.  

Unfortunately the vicious conflict in Yemen has made it increasingly difficult for me to find pieces and bring new jewelry to you.  I will continue to search and if I can collect a significant stash I will create new jewelry and will announce it here.

For more information on these great items you can check out: http://www.yementimes.com/en/1552/culture/525/Will-the-Jewish-silver-craft-survive-in-Yemen.htm

Here is a sample silver bead that became 32 necklaces for clients and friends once combined with Ethiopian silver, coral, Swarovsky crystal, jet, jade, amethyst, lapis . . .



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